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Contestant Profile
Color Level TV Star
Joindate November 10th, 2011
Santa Catarina
Tribe(s)      Chapeco
Placement 1/16
Challenge(s) Won 9
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 25

obscurity is the sole survivor of Santa Catarina.

He currently holds the record for most individual immunities won in one season.

Survivor: Santa Catarina[]


Choose Your Own Obstacle Course (won)
Location Trivia (won)
Blog Spamming (lost)
Two On Two (lost)
Scavenger Hunt (won)
Jigsaw Puzzle (won)
Merge Flag Contest (won)
Block Siege (lost)
Trivia Duel (lost)
Endurance (won)
Karma Quest (won)
bingo21 (lost)
The Stolen Necklace (won)
Santa Catarina (won)

Voting History[]

WANJ's Voting History
Episode Votes Voted Against
1 Chapeco Tribe Immune
2 Chapeco Tribe Immune
3 MarthaSpeaks -
4 Oysterman11 -
5 Chapeco Tribe Immune
6 Chapeco Tribe Immune
7 TheSexiestDude990 Individual Immunity
8 WANJ -
9 TheSexiestDude990 TheSexiestDude990,
Tylerseeg, richardcglover
10 Tylerseeg Individual Immunity
11 Tylerseeg Individual Immunity
12 islandsurvivor;
TheRealSlimShady, islandsurvivor;
13 TheRealSlimShady Individual Immunity
TheRealSlimShady Individual Immunity
Jury Vote TheSexiestDude990, islandsurvivor,
TheRealSlimShady, Tylerseeg,
ShazamMcAmazing, WANJ, Shaunyboo2001
Sole Survivor, Day 25