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Contestant Profile
Color Level Light Green
Joindate July 6th, 2011
Islands of Society
Tribe(s)      Tetiaroa
Placement 9/16
Challenge(s) Won 3
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 12

Max7313 is a contestant from Islands of Society. At the first tribal council after the merge, a majority of four votes were cast against Max (including his own self-vote), but ColbyDonaldson8513 used an idol on Max in order to negate the votes - which led to yinzer149 being voted out instead. Max was the first castaway to ever be removed from the game due to inactivity - and it for this reason that he is remembered as a legend of Bennett's Survivor.

Survivor: Islands of Society[]


Blog Spamming (lost)
Wall Climb (won)
Rank Your Tribemates (lost)
Location Trivia (won)
Endurance (won)
Merge Flag Contest (lost)
Hot Torch (lost)

Voting History[]

Max7313's Voting History
Episode Votes Voted Against
1 harrywasnak DisneyWorldLover
2 Tetiaroa Tribe Immune
3 SV -
4 Tetiaroa Tribe Immune
5 Tetiaroa Tribe Immune
6 SV DanielzSnooz, DryIceBros,
7 SV DryIceBros, harrywasnak
Removed, Day 12
Voted for
Sole Survivor