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Contestant Profile
Color Level Light Green
Joindate October 12th, 2014
Islands of Society
Tribe(s)      Huahine
Placement 1/16
Challenge(s) Won 3
Vote(s) Against 2
Day(s) Lasted 27

DanielzSnooz is the Sole Survivor of Islands of Society. He also competed on Yakushima.

Survivor: Islands of Society[]


Blog Spamming (won)
Wall Climb (lost)
Rank Your Tribemates (won)
Location Trivia (lost)
Endurance (lost)
Merge Flag Contest (lost)
Hot Torch (lost)
Rope Chop (lost)
Karma Quest (lost)
Popularity Poll (lost)
Word Wright (lost)
Islands of Society (won)

Voting History[]

DanielzSnooz' Voting History
Episode Votes Voted Against
1 Huahine Tribe Immune
2 BigBrother_78 Blake18
3 Blake18 Individual Immunity
4 Broniak -
5 Connor_ -
6 Max7313 -
7 Matedog1209 -
8 JakeD -
9 ColbyDonaldson8513 ColbyDonaldson8513
10 Zed55 -
11 Zed55 -
Nicole16 Individual Immunity
Jury Votes Nicole16, DryIceBros,
Matedog1209, harrywasnak
Sole Survivor, Day 27